Emily Dovey Buchwalter – Founding Principal, AIA

Medici Architects was founded in 1989 by Emily Dovey Buchwalter, AIA.

Emily earned a Masters Degree in Architecture from Syracuse University in 1985, and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design from the University of Washington in 1980.

With over 30 years of experience in Architecture and Interior Design, Emily aims to create buildings and spaces that speak directly to the needs and practicality of the people who will be living in and using them. She creates spaces and buildings that work both inside and outside.

Emily is licensed in the states of Washington and Idaho and a member of The American Institute of Architects (AIA)

Schuyler Tutt – Principal, Associate AIA

Starting at an early age with blocks and Popsicle sticks, Schuyler’s interest in building and organizing spaces grew into a passion for residential design. With field experience in construction – including carpentry and welding – he has an eye for detail and a mind for problem solving.

Schuyler works closely with Emily coordinating and assisting in all phases of a project; while also managing the firm’s computer system and maintaining the website. Before joining Medici Architects in 2013, Schuyler worked with landscape and design-build firms in Mississippi, Nebraska, and Texas. He graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln with a Master of Architecture and continued his studies in Europe.

Jennifer Kim – Principal, AIA


Jen graduated from the University of Washington with a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture in 2000 and a Master of Architecture in 2004. Her early career focused on high-end custom residential design, but most recently spent time as the in-house architect at a regional production home builder. She believes that architectural design is so important because it is a part of every person’s daily experience, and aims to create spaces that are beautiful, usable, and unique.

Jen has a passion for traveling the world and experiencing new cultures. Among many other countries, she has had the opportunities to study abroad in India and Mexico and led Habitat for Humanity trips to El Salvador, Thailand, and Kenya. When exploring new places, Jen is never without her camera which she uses to capture all of her adventures.

Jen has been licensed to practice architecture in the state of Washington since 2009.

James West-Herr – Project Manager

James graduated from the University of Oregon with a Bachelor of Architecture degree in 2009, but has been actively working in the industry since 2002.  His early career focused on design/build residential architecture in Oregon, later high-end residential and commercial developments in China, recently on type 1B & 2B commercial projects in the Bay Area, and since 2017 has been very happy to be back in the vibrant northwest working on residential design with Medici Architects.

James strongly believes that by applying progressive environmental principles and conscientious building techniques that homes will feel more livable and sustainable.  His design approach relies upon both sketches and technology to visualize the project effectively with his clients to reduce the number of design cycles and achieve a beautiful scheme that meets his client’s budget and expectations.

When not designing and helping take care of his daughters, James likes to explore the remote parts of the PNW on the back of his motorcycle. 

Chris Halili – Senior Project Architect

LEED AP, Homes

Chris graduated from the University of Santo Tomas, Manila, Philippines with a degree in Architecture in 2001. His career initially focused on residential and commercial projects, including high-rise residential,  retail, restaurant, and space planning.

In 2005, Chris moved to Chicago, Illinois, and specialized in designing hi-end custom homes and residential additions. With a desire to expand his experience, Chris moved to the northwest and joined Medici Architects.

Chris is also a Registered Architect in California and Illinois with NCARB certification. He is a believer that a successful project is always a product of good team effort between the client, architect, and builder. He is committed to helping clients with their design needs.

Silvija Jakovljevic – Project Manager

Born in Belgrade, Serbia; Silvija graduated from the University of Belgrade’s Civil Engineering School in the Department of Planning and Building Settlement with a Major in Urban Planning in 2003. With 3 years of experience at the Urban Planning Institute as an Associate Urban Planner, Silvija moved to the US in 2003, and earned an Engineering Design Technology Certificate from Renton Technical College in 2007. Prior to joining Medici Architects in 2013, she worked for 6+ years at DesignARK.

While her multi-tasking ability and attention to detail are invaluable through all phases, Silvija plays a key role in site design and development for multi-family projects as well as smaller single family work. She would like to continue her education at UW in Construction Management.

Jackie McDowell-Logen – Design Associate

Jackie began her creative career with a Bachelor of Fine Art degree from the University of Washington. When her sculptures became too large, she pursued a larger medium! In June of 2014 she graduated with a Masters of Architecture from the Newschool of Architecture and Design in San Diego, CA. While studying in Southern California she expanded her love to landscape architecture and participated in many community park building events. She has built parks in San Diego, Mexico and Taiwan, and looks forward to continuing her volunteer efforts in her home state of Washington.

Milica Golic – Design Associate

Milica graduated with a Master’s Degree in Architecture at the University of Belgrade, Serbia. Since then, she participated in various architectural competitions winning awards, and working as a teaching assistant at the University of Belgrade. She also gained international experience working in Milan and Copenhagen, as well as participating in workshops in Berlin and Helsinki.

In 2015 Milica moved to Northwest to explore new world coordinates. Milica is passionate for clear, precise and elegant design. Besides architecture, she poured her creativity into smaller scale projects through her work as a graphic and layout designer for several books on architecture and urbanism.

Brianna Miles – Project Manager

Whether it was building forts in the backyard, log shelters on a beach or just playing with building blocks in the warm comfort of the living room,

Brianna has always had an eye for detail and designing perfect spaces. Following that love of design, she graduated in 2006 from Lake Washington Technical College with degrees in Architectural and Civil Graphics. Working at a local Architecture firm for nine years, she gained experience in various commercial building applications with projects ranging from tenant improvements to office spaces and community centers. She has also spent time on many project sites working alongside the contractors, increasing her understanding of the construction process. Joining the Medici family in 2015, Brianna looks forward to furthering her knowledge in the field of single- and multi-family residences.

Joshua Thomas – Design Associate

Born in the Pacific Northwest, Josh graduated from Washington State University with his Bachelors of Architecture degree in 2015 and a Masters of Architecture in 2016.  After graduation, he has focused his life around the Pacific Northwest. He sees the PNW to be a hub or innovation as well as an escape when needed. Surrounded by technology with the ability to quickly venture into the mountains with family and friends. It seemed like the perfect place to explore his architectural/artistic interests.  With interest in both commercial and residential architecture Josh has worked briefly in the field of commercial design. Having always been intrigued in residential architecture he has decided to pursue design where the relationship between client and designer can be more closely articulated. He believes that the design should conscientious, meaningful, and memorable to those who design or inhabit the space. He maintains this design practice both in his professional practice as well as his life outside of architecture. In his spare time, he designs and fabricates custom works of furniture.

Additionally, when not designing he loves to have fun, from hiking the Pacific Northwest with his Bernese Mountain dog or exploring world with close friends. He believes life should always stay interesting.

Kelly Hallstrom – Design Associate

Kelly graduated from the University of Idaho with a Bachelors of Architecture in 2011 and a Masters of Architecture in 2012 from UI’s urban design center in Boise. Prior to starting grad school, he spent time studying environmental architecture around England and Wales.  During his career in architecture, Kelly has gained experience in education, healthcare, urban planning, and residential design.

Being raised in Idaho, he has always appreciated the natural beauty of the Northwest. In 2015, moving to Western Washington became a great opportunity to gain experience in urban architecture while being closely intertwined with nature. Kelly joined Medici in 2017 where he continues to work on residential projects.

When not working, Kelly enjoys exploring the coastline of Washington, British Columbia, and getting “lost” in the Cascade mountains.

Jeffrey Glad – Design Associate

In 2014 Jeffrey graduated from Washington University in Saint Louis with a Master of Architecture degree. Prior to graduate school he attended the University of Florida where in 2011 he received a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture degree. In 2014 Jeffrey moved to Seattle to gain experience in urban architecture and has over 4 years’ experience designing single family, townhouse, rowhouse, and apartment residences. He has always been intrigued by how architecture fits within its context and believes each design should create usable spaces in which occupants can enjoy.

Jeffrey loves exploring new places, in his free time you can find him hiking or skiing on the many mountains in and around the Pacific Northwest.

Jeffrey is currently working toward his professional Architecture License.

Trevor J. Anderson – Intern

Having only visited Washington on one occasion, Trevor became a part of Medici after accepting the offer to work at the firm for a school program. He is earning credits while working at Medici for his bachelor’s degree at Montana State Univerisy.

Growing up in Colorado and seeing the constant beauty of the surroundings he promptly took up drawing as a means to replicate the beauty and design of nature. After completing many art and math-based classes in highschool he found architecture as the ideal blend of inspiration and practicality and began a degree in Environmental Design. He believes true creative design comes from solving the problems of the site and meeting the demands of the project. Trevor hopes to pursue architecture full time once he receives his M. ARCH at MSU.

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